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Little video of last Saturday thanks to Nisa Kelly :)

I love drawing live nowadays! Especially with other artists as awesome as these!

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Bird Man Keeps it Real.

Part 1: Media Circus

I bladdy love peteheyes

Big up Robert Freeman for making this video with my drawing!

Editorial illustration for a Sugar Daddy article

A new design for Can B's new album 'Don't Sleep'

BIG night for inksoupp at Mimm Secret Session #3 ! 

lisaroseharper and whimsywoods pulled out all the debauchery for this Peugot bonnet :) 

Amazing event full of other sick artists that you can check out here: www.mimm.co.uk

Us at inksoupp were asked to do some short comics for Frontiers Festival in Birmingham. This is one I did for fuckyeahlaurieanderson